Standard Missile-6

Sophisticated Fleet Air Defense

SM-6™ leverages the legacy Standard Missile airframe and propulsion elements, while incorporating the advanced signal processing and guidance control capabilities of our Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM®). Deployed on cruisers and destroyers, SM-6 will provide Joint Force and Strike Force Commanders fleet air defense against fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, and land-attack anti-ship cruise missiles in flight, both over sea and land.
Standard Missile-6 Sea-based Testing.
SM-6 is a key component in the U.S. Navy's Naval Integrated Fire Control – Counter Air (NIFC-CA) providing the surface Navy with an increased battlespace against over-the-horizon anti-air warfare threats.
"The SM-6 is the newest addition to Raytheon's highly successful Standard Missile family of missiles," said Wes Kremer, vice president of Air and Missile Defense Systems product line. "This missile can use both active and semiactive modes, giving the warfighter an enhanced ability to intercept beyond-line-of-sight targets."
SM-6 has also been selected to fulfill the U.S. Navy's Sea-Based Terminal (SBT) role and will provide defense against ballistic missiles in their terminal phase of flight, succeeding the SM-2 Blk IV missile. The initial version of the SBT, Increment 1, is to enter service around 2015, with a subsequent version, called Increment 2, to enter service around 2018
"The SM-6 represents the cutting-edge compilation of decades of best practices,” said Mike Campisi, Raytheon's SM-6 senior program director. "It's been a model program from concept through development and testing. We've delivered on time and on budget at every step in the process."